Grant of Arms Appeal – Protecting our future, remembering our past

The Company of Nurses has reached an historic moment in progression to Livery status, in that we are now in the wonderful position to be able to petition for a Grant of Arms to represent the Company in perpetuity. The process is costly and today we are launching an appeal for donations. Funds raised will initially support the petition for a Grant of Arms as this is a first step in preparing for our progression. Any funds raised in excess of the cost of the Coat of Arms will go towards further items that will be required as we progress such as badges of office and gowns, which will bear the Coat of Arms.

The award of a Grant of Arms will signify that The Company of Nurses is recognised as a worthy and respected body which will strengthen our ability to promote our profession and enhance our membership within the livery community. More details are here on our Grant of Arms web page.

Every contribution to the Appeal fund will be remembered and recognised in perpetuity and the name of all donors recorded in the Company archives.