Caring for nurses in their time of need


The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust addresses the issues confronting nurses today, from charitable giving to educational support.

Whether working or retired, the Trust is committed to making a real difference to nurses who are in need of such support.

We understand the world of nursing

All our Trustees have trained as nurses and bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Naturally, they are acutely aware of the pressures that members of the profession may face on a daily basis and at the different stages of their careers.

We aim to help when we can and make a difference, however small it may be. Financial support can be life-changing and equally, our educational funds help nurses develop their careers and so enhance the nursing profession.

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How does the Trust help

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The Trust provides support for various causes, working with partners to respond to applications for assistance. Our support covers:

  • Nurses suffering hardship who need relief and help financially.
  • Bursaries and grants aimed at helping nurses develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Prizes and awards that recognise excellence and innovation.

Working with other professionals to provide support

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Some of the ways we help


A Learning Disability Nurse was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. She was later diagnosed with further complications and had to have another operation. Her employer (in common with many others) did not offer sick pay and SSP ran out after 28 weeks. Whilst she was so unwell, the Trust was able to help her with rent and living costs at such a challenging time.

A community psychiatric nurse was violently attacked by her ex-partner. The nurse and her young child fled their home and had to stay with friends and family. After being homeless for eight months, they were given an unfurnished council house. Through no fault of her own, the nurse could not get credit. The Trust contributed towards furnishings, including a bed and now the two have settled into a new home and life.

A retired district nurse developed severe mobility problems due to several life-changing conditions and complex health difficulties. The Trust funded an automatic fold-up scooter and a car hoist to enable more independence.

A children’s nurse lives with her husband and two young children. Their 4 year old son has a rare syndrome which means he is blind, developmentally delayed and now in end stage renal failure. They were preparing for a transplant with the father as the living donor. The treatment was to be in a specialist centre, a distance away from the family home, resulting in multiple trips for the family with petrol, parking and hospital stays. The family were looking for financial help towards travel and temporary accommodation near the hospital so that they could all stay close after the operation.

“Whilst I’m off work grieving the loss of my husband, your financial help will go a long way in helping me manage. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Professional development

Our educational funds have sponsored Scholars who have benefitted from the renowned Leadership Programme run by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

Another grant provides help to study on an acute pre-hospital care post-graduate MSc degree course at Queen Mary University London, in conjunction with London’s Air Ambulance charity. The Company is proud to sponsor the very first nurse to be accepted for this course which provides a strong foundation in the science and practical skills needed for a successful career in pre-hospital medicine.

In conjunction with The Queen’s Nursing Institute, nurses have been funded to undertake the Health Inclusion Course at UCL, allowing them to develop their skills in Homeless Health.

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