Coaching and Mentoring

With future roles for the Company and its members post coronavirus in mind, we are pleased to share with you details of a new Company initiative that will benefit our members and provide an opportunity for coaching and mentoring.

The Company is proposing to provide free access to experienced coaches and mentors for its Freemen and Apprentices, on request, in order to meet part of its Education and Professional Development objectives.

Coaching and mentoring will complement the range of activities that the Education and Professional Development Committee already offers in its busy programme. These interventions will be particularly helpful to members who wish to:

  • Develop their interpersonal skills through longer term coaching
  • Seek career support and develop professional potential through long term mentoring and coaching
  • Access short term coaching in order to develop a strategic perspective in preparation for, or following promotion to a more senior role
  • Deal with conflict situations using short term mentoring or coaching
  • Deal with the impact of change using short, medium or long term coaching. This might include experiencing a disorienting dilemma (Mezirow, 1991)
  • Experience a smooth transition to practice or return to practice using short term mentoring. This might also be useful for individuals undergoing revalidation for the first time

It is proposed that the scheme will be run by experienced coaches and mentors from within the Company’s membership. It will provide a bespoke and personal service to individuals that is not available in their workplace or through academic institutions. It will be based on a philosophy that is grounded on people’s perceptions of social reality and not organisational or systems based, but making sense and meaning out of behaviour and interactions between individuals and groups.   That is a process of transformative rather than transactional learning (Mezirow, 1991; Mezirow, Taylor and Associates, 2009).

Expressions of interest are initially invited from qualified mentors and coaches to build the delivery team. There will be opportunities to recruit further mentors and coaches, following appropriate training, to sustain the service which could be academically accredited once proven to be effective, thus, contributing to coaches and mentors own CPD requirements.

A register of coaches and mentors, plus requests for coaching and mentoring, will be managed by Freeman David Bates on behalf of the Education and Professional Development Committee.

If you wish to register yourself as a coach or mentor please get in touch with David by email to education@companyofnurses.co.uk . Please also provide a short (no more than 200 word) synopsis of your qualifications and experience to date.

Once we have a cohort of coaches and mentors, we will create an agreed coaching framework that is unique to meeting our Company members’ requirements.