All City of London Guilds and Livery Companies share common purpose in supporting charitable and benevolent causes. The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust is the charitable arm of The Company of Nurses and is registered with the Charity Commission.

The over-riding aim of the Trust is to benefit the public at large by helping to raise standards of nursing care, encourage health and wellbeing, and save lives.

Funding will be provided to support lectures and educational events aimed at helping nurses to develop their skills and knowledge. Prizes and awards will be given to recognise and reward excellence and innovation. Support will also be given to bodies that can demonstrate they are committed to raising standards of nursing care, and to those that foster the ethos of nursing.

The Trustees, all trained as nurses and are acutely aware of the financial pressures that members of the profession may face at different stages of their careers. They intend to support those entering the nursing profession who may need financial assistance for study purposes, as well as nurses and former nurses suffering hardship who need relief and support.

The Trustees will consider applications for grant aid from individuals and organisations located anywhere in the United Kingdom.  The Trustees are committed to working with other organisations who share similar objects for the support of nurses. No restrictions will be imposed on the Trust’s beneficiaries, by reason of race, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

The formation of The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust is a fundamental part of our work as a Company of Nurses and therefore we encourage all Freemen of The Company of Nurses to become involved with those charities supported by the Trust.

For further information please contact us by e-mail  [email protected] or write to The Secretary to the Trustees, The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust, c/o The Company of Nurses, Apothecaries' Hall, Black Friars Lane, London EC4V 6EJ

Thank you for helping nurses to make a positive difference to patients.

Below are some examples of those who benefitted from the support of our Charitable Trust in 2019:

  • A 52 year old retired district nurse who has severe mobility problems due to Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Miller Fisher syndrome, and Guillain-Barré Syndrome amongst other health difficulties.  The Trust funded an automatic fold up scooter and a car hoist to enable more independence.
  • A 44 year old Practice Nurse who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease which was progressing rapidly.  Up until 7 weeks prior to diagnosis, she was a busy nurse running clinics 5 days a week, but after falling a couple of times and knocking herself out, medical investigations showed that she had MND.  Very quickly, her foot dropped and she required a wheelchair.  The Trust contributed to a fund set up for her to help her make memories with her family (she has 2 adult sons) and this enabled her to go to Portugal for a holiday with her family. Sadly, she died just before Christmas.
  • A 51 year old nurse to help with rent arrears. After her partner left her, she subsequently found out that he had not been paying the bills as he had agreed to do.  The beneficiary had a period of sickness through stress and anxiety after the relationship breakdown and finding out about the debts.
  • A 51 year old staff nurse signed off with anxiety and stress due to her husband’s attempted suicide earlier in the year.  Her husband was sectioned for his own safety and was then discharged to a community mental health team.  The beneficiary has 16 year old twins and had been trying to look after her husband, keep working, and be there for her children who were taking exams. Unfortunately, she could not continue working and caring for husband, children, home and finances.  Debts for council tax and rent had accrued and she was down to half pay.  Support enabled her to remain in her own home.
  • £70 food voucher to a grant recipient who suffered a stroke earlier this year and was having some difficulties with her finances.