Your donations make a huge difference

As a City Livery Company, charitable giving is fundamental to our work and any donation we receive is used wisely. Anyone can make a donation and the Trust thanks our growing number of Liverymen and Freemen who show that benevolent giving and donating to the Trust regularly allows us to budget efficiently, and support the nursing community for generations to come.

Whatever sum you’re able to donate, whether big or small, you can make a difference to those in the nursing profession and enable the Trust to provide benevolence or educational grants when asked.

Livery Kitchen Initiative

Ruth Doreen Howarth (née Jones)


Doreen Howarth nursed during the Second World War and after at Burntwood Emergency Hospital, Lichfield. Here she took charge of acute surgical and medical wards.

She continued in a caring capacity her whole life. Doreen’s family chose the Company of Nurses Charitable Trust for donations following their mother’s death, as Doreen, like so many nurses in recent times through the pandemic, stood up during a time of difficulty.

Some of our benefactors

Ann Campbell RBNA Memorial Fund

Arriving from the Caribbean to train as a nurse, Ann Campbell BEM SRN SCM achieved so much in her illustrious and award-winning career as a nurse and midwife.

She worked alongside the research team who were conducting early work on fertility and helped develop the training of family planning nurses.

She was also elected a local branch Chairman and Steward for the Royal College of Midwives and taught all over the country.

Ann Campbell

Ann joined The Royal British Nurses’ Association (RBNA) in the early 1970s and in time, she became its Vice President. She administered the distribution of the four charitable funds associated with the RBNA: the Ethel Mary Fletcher Fund; The Trained Nurses’ Annuity Fund, The Helena Benevolent Fund, and The Royal British Nurses’ Settlement Fund.

Ann continued as Chairman of the RBNA and worked voluntarily for the organisation until her death in 2017. She was passionate about the aims of the RBNA ‘remaining steadfast and true’ to the noble profession of nursing. Without Ann Campbell, the RBNA may not have survived to tell its tale. The Trust keeps the legacy of Ann Campbell alive and the fund continues to be a sound foundation for educational endeavour.

The Princess Helena and Ethel Mary Fletcher Fund for Nurses


This fund has been established from four former charities: The Ethel Mary Fletcher Fund, The Trained Nurses Annuity Fund, The Helena Benevolent Fund and The Royal British Nurses’ Settlement Fund. These funds were previously managed by the Royal British Nurses’ Association and have now been entrusted to the Company of Nurses Charitable Trust. Further details of the history of these funds and the RBNA can be found here.

The Nightingale Fellowship

The Nightingale Fellowship is a registered charity and the membership comprises nurses and midwives who studied at the Nightingale Training School at St Thomas' Hospital, London. The Fellowship was pleased to grant funds to the Company of Nurses Charitable Trust to provide benevolence for nurses in need.

Nightingale Fellowship

The Chantry Robinson Fund

Les Robinson

Les Robinson was greatly loved by his whole family and by all who knew him. He died in June 2008 and when he talked to his daughters for the last time, he asked them to use his money to make a difference.

Ann Chantry-Price, his younger daughter, is a retired nurse who specialised in Occupational Health.

She is a Freeman and Court Assistant of the Company of Nurses. For Ann, the Company’s need for charitable funds seemed an opportunity to meet her father’s wishes.

Ann Chantry Price

Recently, in conjunction with The Queen’s Nursing Institute, the Chantry Robinson Fund has allowed nurses to undertake the Homeless and Inclusion Health Course at UCL. This little-known course supports the work of nurses within this often neglected but very specialist and challenging area of nursing practice. The Trust is very pleased to have, in some small way, helped get the course off the ground.