The Court and Committees

The Master: Elizabeth Bardolph
Immediate Past Master: Julia Mingay
Foundation Past Master: Brenda Griffiths
Renter Warden: Anne Milton
Upper Warden: Jane Carey-Harris TD DL VR
Middle Warden: Hilary Andrews

Founder Wardens
Shirley Lee
Janet Oxlade

Past Masters
Julia Mingay (2022-2023)
Frances Davies (2020-2022)
Elizabeth Turnbull (2019-2020)
Helen Pickstone (2018-2019)
Brenda Griffiths (2016-2018)

Court Assistants
Christine Anderson
Deirdre Barr
David Bates
Jane Burch
Claire Chitty
Carol Law
Nicola Neale
Angela Turner

Hilary Andrews (Chair)
Trevor Bott
Claire Chitty
Alexandra Hayward
Anne Milton
Nicola Neale
Angela Turner
Ex Officio – Master, Renter Warden and Web Master

David Bates (Chair)
Sherrie Green (Deputy Chair & Secretary)
Patrick Browne (Education coordinator)
Emma Hammett (Outreach Coordinator)
Carole Olding (Outreach Coordinator)
Laura Dean (Coaching and Mentoring Coordinator)
Rachel Daly (Coaching and Mentoring Coordinator)
Jane Naismith (Coaching and Mentoring Coordinator)
Ex Officio – Upper Warden and Renter Warden

The committee is ably supported by an enthusiastic body of volunteers who help to shape and deliver the committee’s core programs through the sub-committees.

Master (Chair)
Upper Warden
Middle Warden
Renter Warden
Immediate Past Master
Founder Wardens

Janet Oxlade (Chairman)
Christine Eberhardie (Secretary)
Deirdre Barr
Tim Jackson
Daniel O'Leary
Rosemary Ray
Jo Tollemache
Ex Officio – Master, Middle & Renter Warden

Christine Anderson (Chair)
Wendy Allen
Jane Burch
Carol Law
Shirley Lee
Rebecca Locke
Penny Reading
Geraldine de Sausmarez
Ex Officio - Upper Warden & Renter Warden

Brenda Griffiths (Trustee and Chair)
Deirdre Barr (Trustee)
Fran Davies (Trustee)
Elizabeth Turnbull (Trustee)
Helen Pickstone (Trustee)
Clerk (Secretary)
The Master (ex officio)

Upper Warden
Middle Warden
Immediate Past Master (Chair)
Past Master preceding Immediate Past Master
Chair Communications Committee
Chair Education & Professional Development Committee
Chair Membership Committee
Chair Social Committee