The Company of Nurses Freedom ceremony – Tue 20 July 21

Freedom ceremonies are organised so that new applicants who have been approved by the Court can make their declarations to the Company in the presence of the Master, Wardens and Court Assistants, and so may be granted the Freedom of the Company of Nurses.

On 20th July, 9 new applicants were granted the Freedom by The Master watched by their friends, families and guests on the virtual video platform Zoom. Each new Freeman made their declaration to the Company in turn and the Master welcomed them all with a short speech.

The Master also welcomed a new Apprentice to the Company: Simon, who is studying midwifery.

After the formal part of the evening all those present joined for an informal chat. The new Freemen were all encouraged to introduce themselves to each other and to the Court. The breadth and wealth of experience of the Freemen was incredible and many personal connections came to light during the discussions. Our newest apprentice highlighted that his application to commence his Midwifery degree was emboldened by members of the Company. The evening concluded with the customary toast to The Company of Nurses.