Virtual Wine Tasting – a leisurely trip down the Loire and Rhone rivers Monday 14th September 2020

The Company was lucky to secure the wit, knowledge and repartee of Jeremy Randall, Past Master of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen for our first wine tasting event. Unfortunately, this had to be held virtually due to Covid restrictions but this meant that Freemen were able to enjoy the wines in their own homes and there were no arguments about who would have to drive!

Jeremy, who has spent his career experiencing all sides of the wine trade, had chosen 6 bottles of wine from a well-known supermarket for us and we were instructed to buy as many as we wanted, allowing for members living on their own to join in. During the evening he entertained us with delightful descriptions and light-hearted stories of the two wine regions where the wines originated; three whites from the Loire Valley and three reds from the Rhone.

Thank you, Jeremy, for a fabulous evening.