United Guilds Service Friday 29th March 2019

For the second time The Guild of Nurses was thrilled and extremely proud to be a part of the annual United Guilds Service at St Paul’s Cathedral and what a super ceremonial occasion this was. The Master, Foundation Past Master, Renter Warden, Honorary Clerk and fellow Freemen of the Guild who attended were seated in the very last two pews (as befits our status in the Livery Company hierarchy!) However, we were privileged to see the arrival of the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Sheriffs, the Sword Bearer, Mace Bearer, and the procession of Aldermen, their Beadles, the Masters of the Great Twelve Companies along with the new Bishop of London, The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally DBE.

Now, in its 77th year, this uplifting annual Service originated in 1943, when at a meeting of the Twelve Great Companies it was decided to hold a service to lift spirits in the City following the Blitz in 1940-41. The Service has now become an annual event and is attended by the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, and Aldermen. Nearly all the City of London Livery Companies and Guilds are represented, and the service is one of the most important events in the City Livery Calendar.

Following the service many of us repaired to the wonderful surroundings of Apothecaries Hall, where at the kind invitation of the Society of Apothecaries, we were wined and dined superbly along with fellow Guilds and Livery Companies.

Hilary Andrews