Two members of one family become Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of Nurses

The Worshipful Company of Nurses takes its place as the 111th Livery Company of the City of London and has core values of fellowship, benevolence, education, and charitable giving. Following the successful petition to the Court of Aldermen and recognition as a Livery Company of the City of London on May 15 2023, the Worshipful Company has now been able to clothe its first Liverymen. At a ceremony on July 12 2023, the Master Elizabeth Bardolph, Wardens, Founders and other members of the Court of Assistants became the first Liverymen.

The Master Elizabeth Bardolph was particularly delighted that two members of one family also made the declaration of a Liveryman on this day. Mary Hill, who is in her 90’s and qualified as a nurse in 1952, and her daughter Sarah-Jo Davies who qualified in 1981. Both trained as nurses at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. They became Freemen of the Guild of Nurses at a ceremony at Guildhall in June 2017, and already have strong affiliations with the City of London Livery tradition. Mary’s husband was a member of one of the ancient Livery Companies, and as such she supported him during his year as Master.  She remains a member of the longest running Past Masters’ Association who have met every year since 1987. Sarah-Jo followed her father into his Livery Company by Patrimony and remains an active member of this Company.

Mary and Sarah-Jo state, “The Worshipful Company of Nurses provides us with a means to continue to learn of fascinating developments in nursing, and gives us the ability to actively support those who share the profession which means so much to us”.


Members can read more about the interesting careers of Mary and Sarah-Jo in the members area.