The Journey from Guild to Livery: Next steps

Education and Professional Development Forum: 27TH June 2019


In the beautiful surroundings of Cutler’s Hall our Honorary Clerk provided a fascinating insight into the development of Guilds within the City of London. This was an important evening event as the Guild progresses towards petitioning for Company status. The audience engaged in lively discussion and debate exploring some of the notable markers in history for Livery Companies and also considering how Guild members can participate in strengthening the Guilds position for establishing permanent roots to endure for perpetuity. Our goal to achieve the grant of Livery was tantalising and felt to be reachable as the discussions ensued. It was very clear that those who attended were committed to making a difference, not only through promoting the nursing profession and upholding it’s standards but also to support our Charitable Trust through regular donation as well as attending events and joining in at the start of our volunteering work with schools

Julia Mingay (Chair: Education and Professional Development Committee)