The Company of Nurses Freedom Ceremony Tuesday 14th July 2020

With face to face events being impossible to plan, the Company of Nurses held a virtual Freedom Ceremony via the online conferencing platform Zoom on a lovely July evening. Freedom Ceremonies are organised so that the new applicants who have been approved by the Court can make their declarations to the Company in front of the Master, Wardens and Court Assistants and so may be granted the Freedom of the Company. On this occasion 11 members made their declarations, watched by their friends and families who were able to join the meeting on different screens.

Following the ceremony, the Master made a short speech welcoming the new Freemen to the Company and the Honorary Clerk gave an enlightening, illustrated talk on the history of the Livery to all those present. The new declarants had been briefed to have a glass of something ready as the evening finished with a toast to the Company and the new Freemen.

Our thanks go to the Honorary Clerk for his meticulous planning and careful rehearsals for this first virtual Freedom Ceremony.

A link to a recording of this Freedom Ceremony is in the Freemen’s only section of our website.