The Company of Nurses Freedom ceremony and afternoon tea Tuesday 9th March 2021

Freedom ceremonies are organised so that the new applicants who have been approved by the Court can make their declarations to the Company in the presence of the Master, Wardens and Court Assistants and so may be granted the Freedom of the Company. Under ordinary circumstances, this would take place in the City of London and this ceremony was originally due to be held in Guildhall, along with a sparkling afternoon tea, to celebrate and come together in fellowship. However, with restrictions on social gatherings as they are at present, we were still able to hold a wonderful virtual ceremony and celebrate together. On this occasion 11 new applicants were granted the Freedom watched by their friends, families and guests.

Following the ceremony, where each new Freeman made their declaration to the Company, the Master welcomed the new Freemen and gave a short speech. After the formal part of the afternoon, all those present then joined in an informal chat whilst enjoying a splendid cream tea wonderfully organised by Freeman and member of the social committee, Vicki Garratt. Some of the elements of the tea were kindly donated by the Cream Tea Alliance of Roddas cream and Tiptree jam. Thank you to Vicki and the Cream Tea Alliance! The afternoon finished with the customary toast to The Company of Nurses.