Road to Livery – Wed 2 Nov 22

An extremely well attended and well received virtual event took place in early November.

The aim of the evening was to highlight the next steps that the Company needs to take in order to become the Worshipful Company of Nurses, how far we are along the road to Livery and what is next for us as a Company. The evening also provided a reminder to all those present of the part that each of us has to play in achieving this goal.

The Master, Julia Mingay welcomed everybody and Honorary Clerk John Allen gave an interesting presentation about the history of the Livery and how far we have come in the relatively short length of time since 2016. He talked through the qualifying conditions for Grant of Livery that the Court of Aldermen will require of the Company. The Master outlined her role and the activities she has undertaken in the first six months of her tenure and Court Assistant Hilary Andrews spoke about the wider Livery world and some of the initiatives and projects that the Company is involved with. The evening progressed with attendees being placed in breakout rooms which allowed for a closer exploration of the issues involved in moving towards petitioning for Livery Company status and the role that each of the Freemen may have as the Company progresses. A plenary session followed with feedback being provided by each of the breakout room facilitators.

For Freemen of the Company there is a recording of the evening to view in the members' login area of the website.