Professor Anne Harriss the first nurse President of the Society of Occupational Medicine

On June 24 Professor Anne Harriss became the first nurse and non physician to be appointed the President of the Society for Occupational Medicine.

Professor Harriss started her career as a nurse at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. At the University of Surrey Professor Harriss completed an MSc in Occupational Health. Since then her experience included working for industry within the hospitality, pharmaceutical and energy sectors, as well as setting up and running her own consultancy.

Professor Harriss has been substantially involved, and is passionate about education. At the Royal College of Nursing she was the course director for occupational health (OH) nursing programmes. And at the South Bank University London Professor Harriss was the course director for the programmes of OH nursing and OH health and safety. In 2014 Professor Harriss was recipient of the National Teaching Fellowship in Higher Education. And in 2015 became a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Her other awards include a Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing and an Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

During her career Professor Harriss has developed, delivered, and led pro bono public health projects in rural South Africa. In the past 2 years she has undertaken projects with the New Zealand Association of Occupational Health Nurses.

Professor Harriss’ commitment to education has continued with the COVID-19 crisis. During this time she has delivered webinars for the Society of Occupational Medicine. And helped develop Return to Work Toolkits for managers and occupational health professionals to ensure a safe return for workers post lockdown