Presentation of four goblets to the Company of Nurses

On Tuesday 28th June, the Master, accompanied by the Immediate Past Master, Wardens and Honorary Clerk, was invited to a dinner at Barber-Surgeons’ Hall to receive these beautiful silver goblets.

The goblets have been gifted to the Company of Nurses by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries, the Worshipful Company of Barbers and the Worshipful Company of Cutlers as a gesture of fellowship and support. This is an extraordinarily generous gift and those present were very honoured to receive them on behalf of the Company. The goblets will be displayed at formal dinners and are a wonderful addition to a growing collection of treasures. The gift demonstrates the fellowship and genuine support that has been shown by the health related Livery Companies. From the very beginning of the Guild of Nurses in 2016 (and before!), they have been both encouraging and helpful in so many ways. This support is very much appreciated and long may such fellowship continue.