Pan Livery Walk of the Livery Halls 4 Sep 2023

On what promised to be a very hot day, on 4th September 23 Livery Masters gathered for breakfast in the courtyard at Apothecaries’ Hall. Refreshments were enjoyed as we ‘fuelled up’ before starting the 17th Annual Livery Halls Walk.
The walk was initially introduced in 2006 by the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners and has become a popular event in the Livery calendar.

Full robes, hats, chains and badges of office were required to be worn. Those Masters whose gowns were edged with fur looked impressive sartorially, but may have been considered impractical as the temperature reached 25 degrees. After a short health & safety talk and a group photograph we were off.

The pace set was leisurely, and after an hour and a half we arrived at Ironmongers’, where we were warmly welcomed and revived having already visited ten Halls. After a short break we proceeded in stately fashion taking in another ten Halls before stopping for a buffet lunch kindly provided at Pewterers’.

A further ten Halls to visit before a tea break at the Furniture Makers. I’m not sure I didn’t notice a slight slackening of the pace as some were beginning to flag. The Leathersellers’ rescued us with cool drinks, and an opportunity to tour their magnificent Hall. Now we were on the home straight and after five more Halls reached our destination, Southwark Cathedral, where we were hosted by the Dean and given very welcome refreshments.

The walk was 8.5 miles, and as evidence of our completing the course a photograph was taken outside each of the 40 Livery Halls.

It was a memorable day raising money for the Lord Mayor’s charity. It gave an excellent opportunity for networking, as well as gaining a clearer idea into where in the City each Livery Hall was sited.

Liz Bardolph