The Guild of Nurses

The City of London Guild of Nurses

For the Nursing Profession - past, present and future

Organisational Benefits/Nurses Charitable Fund

As a Guild within the City of London, we can set our own rules, fees and activities.  Our Charitable Trust Fund for Nurses will enable us to protect the financial assets of any charitable trust, nurses' league or other charitable body related to nursing.  These monies will be ring-fenced into the Trust funds of the Guild of Nurses or a future Nurses’ Livery Company and will be safeguarded for their original purpose as regulated by the Charity Commission. Existing Trustees will be able to continue to control their monies, whilst ensuring that they are protected in perpetuity.

This ensures that these resources can never be lost but will always be permanently protected for their original purpose. In this way, together with additional funds raised by the Guild, it will be possible to continue the support of nurses in need and to contribute to the education and development of nurses in the future.

We would like to hear from any organisation that may wish to benefit from this protection. For further details on how the Guild of Nurses can help, please contact the Clerk here.