Company of Nurses

Freeman of the City of London

The Guild of Nurses has been registered by the Aldermen of the City of London as a Guild of the City, which is the first of three stages to becoming a full Livery Company (which will be The Worshipful Company of Nurses).  The other stages are Company without Livery, and Worshipful Company, and each stage requires a certain number of members and the meeting of certain financial targets.  Members of a Guild are Freemen (a dual gender term) of their Guild and may only become Liverymen (also a dual gender term) when the Guild reaches the third stage.   Members are invited to attend all the statutory meetings, including the formal lunches and dinners. They receive invitations to the professional and social meetings that are organised by the Guild throughout each year. The Liverymen are also able – and encouraged – to play a part in the civic life of the City of London.

Additionally, Members might wish to consider the following:


Liverymen must become the Free of the City of London before becoming Liverymen of their Company but may apply for Freedom of the City even as Freemen of their Guild.  Further information is available from the Honorary Foundation Clerk ( and from Mr M Craig, Chamberlain’s Court, Guildhall, London, EC2P 2EJ (020 7332 3055).


The City of London is divided into Wards which are local government sub-districts.  Each Ward has its own social club and Guilds and Companies often have membership arrangements with the Ward Club local to where they are based.  The Nurses will be seeking such arrangements in due course.

Potential members are asked to recognise that membership of a City Guild is intended to be a mark of lifelong commitment to supporting their trade or profession.  This commitment is manifested by regular charitable giving and by participation - even if only occasionally - in Guild meetings and events.  It is neither a mark of professional recognition nor a club membership to be assumed and discarded at will.


I do solemnly and sincerely declare that I shall be loyal to our sovereign lady, Queen Elizabeth the Second, and to her heirs and successors, I shall be faithful in all lawful things to the Master and Court of Assistants of the Guild of Nurses, and I shall be obedient to the Company’s Ordinances, paying my dues and giving of my time and energy, as shall be expected of me.   I further declare that I shall be true to the art and mistery of nursing, always mindful of the Nightingale Pledge and Code of Ethics of my chosen profession giving of my skills and knowledge to those committed to my care without limitation and conscious always of the professional conduct expected of me.