Livery Climate Action Group

The Company of Nurses has started the journey to Net Zero and we are developing our corporate knowledge about climate change and sustainability by joining the Livery Climate Action Group (LCAG).  The Master welcomes this call to action and applauds Alderman Alison Gowman for her insight, leadership and guidance. The Company is proud to be a part of this important program and pledges itself to make a difference by contributing to the City’s effort through the LCAG and drawing on expertise from our wider health and care networks.  The latest newsletter from the LCAG is here.

We are committed to engaging fully with this program and are mobilising our talents to develop our own strategy coherent with that of the LCAG and the City Corporation. Public Health and Healthy Public Policy as articulated in the WHO Ottawa Declaration of 1987, continues to be and is arguably more relevant now than it was three decades ago when it was first communicated. Nurses and midwives across all health and care disciplines are on the front line of disaster risk reduction through sustainable development and climate management, always striving to make their local communities and the world a safer place; the essence of public health which has been illuminated during the current CoViD crisis.

Any of our Freemen, Members or Apprentices that have expertise in this area are invited to contribute either through our own Company strategy or the LCAG by taking up a role on one of the committees or joining our own effort. Please email David Bates  for more information.