Freedom of the City of London for a Freeman of our Company

On 5th March, the Master and Immediate Past Master were delighted to join Maureen Rodgers and her guests as she made her declaration to become a Freeman of the City of London. The Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court, Murray Craig, conducted the ceremony which was held virtually and he provided a most entertaining and amusing account of the history and tradition. Some of the notable people who have been admitted in the past include Florence Nightingale and Murray told us about the history of the ceremonial casket which contained her certificate and is now on display in the Chamberlain’s Courtroom.

Maureen is an active member of King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League and is a Bicentennial Freeman of the Company. She has attended many events since joining the Guild of Nurses in 2019 and I was so pleased to be asked to join her on this occasion and to see how much she and her guests enjoyed the ceremony.

All Freemen of the Company of Nurses are eligible to become Free of the City and are encouraged to do so. Please find information about making an application by following this link.

Fran Davies, Master