Freedom of the City of London

On 11 October 2023, Tim Jackson and I received the Freedom of the City of London. At the ceremony we read out our declaration of loyalty and good conduct. We were greeted as a ‘Citizen of London and Nurse’ and given a tour of the history of the ancient ceremony and its artefacts. The Certificate (still printed and written on sheepskin parchment) and Ceremony have changed very little since mediaeval times. However, most of the privileges, such as being drunk and disorderly or being able to carry a sword in the City without fear of arrest, no longer apply, not surprisingly! It will be fun herding sheep over London Bridge next year though.

We saw the Honorary Freedom declaration which had been signed on behalf of Florence Nightingale and the wooden box given to her in 1908; a plain box at her request. It felt very special to be part of such an historical ceremony. I would recommend it to all.

Caroline Huff