Freedom Ceremony at the Information Technologists Hall – Wed 12 Oct 22

For the first time, the Information Technologists welcomed us to their Hall for our Freedom ceremony on 12 October.  It was a modern setting for a traditional ceremony and a total of eight Freemen made their declarations to the Company of Nurses.  In another first, the new Freemen declared their allegiance to King Charles III whose coronation will take place next May 2023.

The Master welcomed the Freemen and outlined the way in which livery companies work.  She invited them to apply to become Free of the City of London, and encouraged them to book their ‘sheep drive’.  Attention was also drawn to the forthcoming online event, the "Road to Livery" to be held on 2nd November where the next steps for the Company will be discussed.

Afterwards, the Court and Chairs of Committees mingled with the Freemen and their guests, getting to know them, and answering any questions they may have.

There was time for a break before the Annual Church service to which they were invited. More photographs of the Ceremony are in the Gallery for our Freemen.

Liz Bardolph Upper Warden.