Freedom Ceremony – 26 Apr 2023

On Wednesday 26 April, five new Freeman made their declarations to become Freemen of the Company of Nurses in front of their invited friends and family. The ceremony took place at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists' Hall and was followed by a buffet lunch. One of the new Freemen had travelled from the USA with her husband and they were accompanied by a colleague and friend. This new freeman had learnt about the Company whilst establishing a private healthcare facility in London. We were delighted that she was able to join the ceremony in person.

One further Freedom Ceremony was held later that day at the afternoon's meeting of the Court of Assistants. The Company extends a very warm welcome to all our new Freemen and hope that they enjoy being part of the Livery world and all of the history surrounding it. Freemen will be able to view photos from the day in the Gallery in the log in section of the website.