Freedom Ceremony – 16th July 2019

On Tuesday 16th July, five members of the Guild and I made our declarations and were admitted to the Freedom of the Guild of Nurses in the presence of the Master, Honorary Clerk, Wardens, members of the Court of Assistants and friends and family.

In all, there were nearly 30 attendees who enjoyed the evening and pleasant conversation, as well as good food and drink and perfect hospitality all within the beautiful surroundings of Cutlers Hall.

After the formal part of the evening and during the drink and canapé reception, I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet interesting people from a wide range of branches of nursing, as well as their guests, and hearing their stories from their experiences and discussing the future of nursing. This has been an opportunity for me to progress from an apprentice within the Guild to a Freeman; I graduated last year as a Mental Health Nurse and am currently working as an RMN at Broadmoor Hospital.

Francesca Andrews

(Please see the gallery in the Freemen's Only area for more photographs)