Freedom and Livery Ceremony – 18 Oct 23

On Wednesday 18 October the Worshipful Company of Nurses held a Freedom Ceremony followed by a buffet lunch at the Information Technologists’ Hall. We were delighted that three applicants made their declaration and were granted Freedom of the Company followed by six Freemen making their declaration as Liverymen. Our Livery is growing in numbers and it is pleasing to see that so many Freemen are taking this next step and supporting the Company.

At the ceremony we were delighted that the Master bestowed the title of Honorary Liverymen to both Sir Andrew Parmley and Keith Lawrey.

Sir Andrew is our sponsoring Alderman and has supported the Company from the beginning. He has helped to steer us through the journey from Guild to Worshipful Company and we are forever grateful for his wise counsel and unwavering support.

Keith Lawrey was our first Honorary Clerk and provided his expertise and guidance in the early days helping us to write our ordinances and develop our ceremonial practices as we began to learn the customs and history of the Livery community.

Without these two important colleagues we would not have achieved all that we have in such a relatively short space of time.

Following the ceremony, a buffet lunch was served and we all enjoyed meeting friends both old and new before attending the Annual Church Service at St Bartholomew the Less.

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