Education and Professional Development Event 19 September 2017

The Guild of Nurses Education and Professional Development Committee hosted an event at Guildhall on 19th September 2017. The focus of the evenings discussion was “Keeping quality at the heart of patient experience”. Our 2 speakers, Jane Ray, an Inspector from the Care Quality Commission¬† and Fran Davies, Director of Quality Improvement, at NHS Improvement, South London spoke from their professional work roles to ensure quality standards are met within healthcare provider organisations.

Jane explored the drivers for inspections and the positive benefits as well as the challenges that organisations experience as a consequence of inspection. She was able to demonstrate clear evidence of the significant work organisations undertake in order to improve the ratings from inspections and to celebrate achievements to ensure quality of care.

Fran spoke of the importance of partnership working and the supportive practices which are used to enable healthcare providers to respond to CQC inspection. In addition Fran included discussion regarding the Single Oversight Framework which was launched in September 2016. She spoke of this revised system intending to enable supportive and engaging strategies for healthcare providers by NHSI.

It was very clear from the presentation of the partnership approaches now being employed between NHSI and CQC to establish collaborative ways of working to assure quality and governance at the heart of patient experience.

Valuable discussion then followed within the forum as experiences of the CQC inspections and pressures fro NHSI were considered.

The event closed with continued exploration of the importance of high quality and safe patient and client experiences being a central priority for all healthcare providers.

Please find a copy of the slides here for – Keeping quality at the heart of patient experience.