Education and Professional Development – Prehospital Medicine – Wednesday 21June 2023

Nursing in the RAF

A most interesting education and professional development was presented by one of our Company of Nurses Charitable Trust sponsored scholars, Mariana Campilho who is Senior Sister, Emergency Dept and Lead Nurse, Physician Response Unit at the Royal London Hospital. Mariana shared her research activity from the 3 year MSc programme with us, and demonstrated how she has applied her learning directly to clinical practise with early indications of the outcomes. Her particular emphasis is on prehospital emergency care and the challenges that she and her multi-professional colleagues face deploying on the London Air Ambulance rotary wing platform, and how understanding human factors facilitates the interface between people and technology in the prehospital emergency care context.

Mariana's professional and academic discourse was echoed by Flt Lt Anthony Beynon's focus on the military perspective.  Anthony is a prehospital emergency care nurse specialist employed in Air Command's Medical Operational Capability Development. He has experience on operations deployed in Medical Emergency Response Teams; he is also the Senior Nurse Adviser for Air Command. The clinical challenges that are faced are not dissimilar to those experienced by Mariana and her colleagues.

Both speakers clearly demonstrated the application of current evidence and learning from experience to their practise. Both emphasised the importance of developing multi-professional teams that are capable of employing technology intelligently with a strong focus on the context. They stimulated a rich debate around understanding human factors in delivering quality patient care. Specific questions and comments by Freemen were answered with reflection on their experience of prehospital emergency care.

We thank both of our speakers for giving up their time to provide another stimulating education and professional development session and look forward to welcoming them back very soon.

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