Education and Professional Development Event – Wednesday 24th March 2021

We were delighted to host another Education and Professional Development event for the Company on 24th March.

Our first two speakers were healthcare practitioners who were both awarded scholarships by the Chantry Robinson Fund to undertake the Healthcare for the Homeless module at University College London.

Both Dr Jemell Geraghty and Cathy Knox gave the most startling insights into their independent work supporting the homeless receiving healthcare. They were an incredible tribute to the philosophy of person-centred care and demonstrated the engagement and warmth for building relationships with clients who have felt disadvantaged and excluded from systems of supportive care.

We then moved to hear from Deidre Barr and her team of amazing nurses who supported, planned, and drove forward the provision for healthcare at the Nightingale London, housed in London’s Excel Centre in response to the pandemic. They set up systems, processes, and care for staff to meet the extraordinary demands of the COVID-19 impact on our population. They were humble in their presentation, but we all knew how magnificent they all were in action.

Freemen will be able to view the presentations in the Freemen section of our website here

Our sincere thanks to all presenters for the evening.

Julia Mingay

Chair Education and Professional Development Committee

Homelessness 2
Nightingale Hospital