Education and Professional Development Event – Wed 29 Mar 2023

We were honoured to have two speakers at the Education and Professional Development Event on March 29 2023.

Professor Gemma Stacey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) gave a detailed presentation at strategic level of the FNF; its purpose, mission, priorities and vision for the next five years. She outlined the leadership programmes, scholarships and benefits to members. She highlighted the short, medium and longer term impact that attendance on the programmes has for individuals, partners, stakeholders and healthcare.  She also stressed the importance of the FNF role in measuring outcomes from the programmes and the scholars.

We then heard from Karen Hill, Head of Nursing and Professions, Surgical Care Group, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust. Karen, herself a FNF 2021 Emerging Leader Scholar, discussed her scholarship experience and her quality improvement project - developing an in-patient substance use disorder service across primary and secondary care. She spoke of the leadership programme as 'never stopping giving'; enabling relationships and networks that will last forever. She stressed how indebted she is to the Company of Nurses for the foresight in their sponsorship of the programme.

An interesting evening all round. The presentations from the event are available to view in the members’ area of the website.