Education and Professional Development Event-Wed 23rd June 2021

Another very successful event took place on Wed 23rd June facilitated by our Honorary Clerk, John Allen via ‘Zoom’. Thank you, John for your continued support to these and other Company events, your skills are most appreciated!

The newly appointed Chair of the Education and Professional Development Committee, Freeman David Bates opened the meeting by announcing the launch of the Company of Nurses Coaching and Mentoring Scheme. Details of how to access this unique service will appear in these pages soon.

Thank you, Freeman Carole Olding for presenting her research covering the impact of CoViD 19 on the dynamic of A&E attendances with a mental health component at Kings College Hospital. This work was well received by the Company and stimulated a challenging discussion. It was recommended that the Education & Professional Development committee assist Carole with analysing her latest data, and to shape a report to publish, in line with her previous publications recording these important changes in mental health presentations during the current pandemic. She should be considered for a PhD by publication for this excellent series of academic professional papers!

We also thanked Oliver Soriano, Interim Head of Philippines Nurses’ Association (PNA) UK and Associate Director Clinical Services at the Maudsley Hospital who kindly agreed to talk about his experiences as an expatriate nurse in the NHS for the last 23 years, and briefly reflected on his more recent experience that complements Carole’s work. He also apprised the audience of his volunteering activities in Sub Saharan Africa with the King’s Global Health initiatives.  He continued by presenting a detailed brief on PNA UK activities, and offered opportunities for partnering and networking across the myriad of nursing organisations and entities that are currently working in all sectors across the UK to support nurses from overseas. Another exciting discussion followed Oliver’s presentation and both speakers stimulated some excellent feedback.

The Master closed the event by thanking both speakers for taking the time to present their work with such passion and for helping to enlighten us all.

The presentations can be viewed here.