Deirdre Barr DL

The Master is delighted that Deirdre Barr, Court Assistant and Military Liaison Officer of the Worshipful Company of Nurses, was commissioned as a Deputy Lieutenant for Greater London on 1 December 2023.

She has been appointed to the team of Deputy Lieutenants for Greater London and has been honoured for her positive contribution to volunteering.

The foremost duty of the Lieutenancy is to uphold the dignity of the Crown. In doing this it seeks to promote a spirt of co-operation by supporting voluntary and benevolent organisations. The role of Deputy Lieutenant is an honorary one and the Deputy Lieutenants assist in arranging visits by the Royal Family and escorting royal visitors, presenting medals and awards on behalf of the King, participating in civic, voluntary and social activities within the Lieutenancy and linking with HM Armed Forces and their cadet forces.

The Greater London Lieutenancy has a strategy to “Build Bridges” with all Londoners and this has three areas of focus:

Heritage: Irrespective of personal history, all Londoners should have an understanding of, and take pride in our shared national heritage. That heritage holds cultural diversity, tolerance and mutuality at its core and cements London’s special place in the world.

Occupation: Having meaningful occupation - be it working, training, studying or volunteering- enhances social inclusion through building self-esteem and confidence to interact with others.

Faith: Possessing a faith can play a positive role in building self-esteem and confidence; and by definition, being a member of an organised religion increases one’s sense of belonging.

This role recognises the vital role played by the thousands of unsung heroes of the voluntary and community world which the Lieutenancy believes is important to celebrate and encourage. Congratulations Deirdre!