Company of Nurses Charitable Trust – St John Ambulance Scholar

Through the scholarship programme the Company of Nurses Charitable Trust is supporting a Registered Nurse, who is also a St John Ambulance volunteer nurse, to undertake an MSc programme in Pre Hospital Medicine at Queen Mary University of London.

Prehospital medicine is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the treatment of injury and illness outside hospital, and in particular, working to manage the time-critical reversible aspects of physiological processes activated when the human body suffers significant clinical insult.


Tracy Fiddy's day job is Lecturer in Adult Nursing and Specialist Community Public Health Nursing at the University of Suffolk. Within St John Ambulance, Tracy is a district clinical Officer for Suffolk. She is actively involved in attending events local to Suffolk including the County Show, and regularly provides St John Ambulance support to the local nighttime economy. She also attends national events such as the London Marathon.

Tracy works closely with young people and is a youth leader at Ipswich Cadet unit. Tracy reports that she enjoys supporting young people both at meeting nights, and when on duty at events or doing the youth welfare role.

Tracy has achieved over 70% in her toxicology exam results. The Company of Nurses looks forward to following Tracy's progress through the programme, and receiving further updates and detail of the contribution that the scholarship opportunity is giving to support her St John Ambulance and her day to day nursing practice.