Christmas Quiz 8th December 2020


The Company of Nurses held a very special Christmas Quiz on the evening of the 8th December 2020. The quiz was hosted by Mother Christmas and she was ably assisted by two of Santas little helpers, Rydon and Lyndon who were score keepers and Mother Christmas’s husband was timekeeper. There were five question rounds to the quiz and the quiz lasted about 1hour and 20 minutes.

There wasn’t a joker, as such, but teams could play their Santa card, in one round, in order to score double points. There were a total of 17 teams on the night, with some great team names like; The Santa Laws, Track n Trace and our star solo player who’s team name was Hopeful!

Whilst not compulsory to dress up, teams were encouraged to adorn Christmas hats, bauble earrings, tinsel garlands etc, etc. Some teams also had some festive nibbles and tipples, which added to the fun.

All in all, the event was great fun and we received some very positive feedback.

Geoff Wheat