The Company of Nurses Charitable Trust Fund is delighted to have made the first award from the Chantry Robinson Fund (CRF).   Sue Grave, a Community Nurse in Cheshire, was the first recipient and it enabled her to attend the Homeless Health course at UCL.  This is such a specialist area of nursing and the Trust was delighted to assist Sue’s studies in conjunction with the Queens Nursing Institute. Ann Chantry Price (the CRF was set up in memory of Ann’s father) was able to present Sue with her certificate at the Guild’s Education and Development Conference in London on 26th September: Sue’s response to Ann is below:

I was and still am totally overwhelmed by the generosity of both your father, you and your girls.

I feel what you have done to donate the funds for this award, to give nurses the opportunity to study in this way, where there is a passion for the work they do or are embarking on is wonderful.  I will really push my trust to do something around the initiative I presented to them earlier on in the year and I hope that I can make a real difference to my patients and to those I work with in my teams.

I am going to complete my application form for the Guild today too. It was such a pleasure to meet you, I found the whole experience emotional and heart-warming.

If you have any photographs from the day it would be lovely to see them, and I could also share them with the QNI.

I wish the next person who is awarded the Chantry-Robinson award enjoys the experience as much as I have, while gaining as much knowledge as possible out of it too.

How wonderful that our Trust is able to support nurses in their clinical practice and professional development for the benefit of those so much in need of our care. We wish Sue on-going success.