Ceremony of the Keys Wednesday 23 Mar 22


Blessed with a beautifully mild March evening, a smaller group than planned enjoyed the riverside illuminations as we gathered for the historic Ceremony of the Keys; so different from the torrential rain some of you will remember from previous years!

Earlier that day Covid isolated our organiser who had booked some of the tickets and, as the Tower's strict security does not allow for last minute changes and she couldn’t be there in person, we had to cancel some attendees, who graciously accepted the situation.

Our guide for the evening was Yeoman Warder David Coleman (pictured), who entertained us with an engaging patter of historical insights interspersed with humorous anecdotes, as he led us to our vantage point to witness the enactment in silence.

He then led us out with tales of life in the Tower and suggested bringing the Company for dinner within the walls sometime in the future