Annual Assembly 26 Apr 2023

At the Annual Assembly of the Company of Nurses held on 26 April 2023, the Master Julia Mingay was pleased to announce that the Court had elected Elizabeth Bardolph to be Master for the ensuing year. Elizabeth will be installed at the Anniversary Banquet on 4 May 2023. In a formal ceremony at this meeting the Master installed Jane Carey-Harris as Upper Warden and Hilary Andrews as Middle Warden. Julia wished them all a very happy and successful year ahead.

In her annual report, the Master gave details of the Company’s activities for the past year and an update on recent events where she has represented the Company. A copy of her report is in the member’s section of the website.

At the Annual Assembly the annual report of the Trustees of the Company of Nurses Charitable Trust was received. The Charity has been extremely busy over the last year and the Chair of the Trustees, Brenda Griffiths was pleased to report that requests for benevolence were able to be met in an extremely timely manner. She gave examples of where the Charity was truly making a difference and the report can be read here.

The annual accounts of the Company were presented by the Master Elect. The accounts will be posted on the website once they have been independently examined.

The Master presented the Company with a gift of a new Master's Gown which will be worn for the first time by the Master Elect at the Anniversary Banquet on 4 May 2023.