Annual Assemblies

Annual Assembly 1st May 2019

The Guild of Nurses Annual Assembly, The Aldermen’s Court Room, Guildhall, London

The Guild of Nurses held its second Annual Assembly on 1 May in the Aldermen’s Court Room at Guildhall.

The Annual Assembly is a City Livery tradition dating back to earliest times.  All Freemen are invited to attend, in order to receive and affirm the result of the elections held by the Court for the offices of Master, Upper Warden, Middle Warden and Renter Warden. It is also the occasion when the Master presents a verbal report on the Guild’s progress over the course of the past year here, and when the Renter Warden presents the annual accounts. The Master also provides responses to any questions that have been raised in advance by members of the Freedom.

The following have been elected into office for the year ensuing:-


FRANCES DAVIES to be Upper Warden

JULIA MINGAY to be Middle Warden

ELIZABETH BARDOLPH to be Renter Warden

After making the Declaration of a Warden, the Upper Warden Elect, Middle Warden Elect and Renter Warden Elect were installed in their respective offices in the presence of the Assembly.

Declaration of a Warden

‘I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare that, as Warden, I shall order and govern the mistery and Freedom of the Guild of Nurses, whereof I am now chosen a Warden for this present year, according to my best skill and knowledge. I shall be obedient to the Ordinances of the Guild and I shall support the Master in all the activities and decisions of the Guild.’

left to right: Julia Mingay - Middle Warden; Elizabeth Turnbull – Master Elect; Helen Pickstone – Master; Fran Davies – Upper Warden

John Allen

Honorary Clerk