Being a Livery Company

Livery Companies have survived for 750 years, demonstrating an ability to adapt, change and thrive over time. The Court of Alderman of the City of London was satisfied that the Company of Nurses is financially sustainable and has the capacity to endure. The Worshipful Company of Nurses became the 111th Livery Company in the City of London on May 15 2023.

  • As with all modern Livery Companies, the Worshipful Company of Nurses is profession-based. Membership is restricted to those who are, or have been on the Register of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (or equivalent regulatory body), or are in training for the profession. Applicants have to be proposed and seconded by existing members to demonstrate that our Livery comprises fit and proper persons with some existing connections to the City.
  • Freemen who are Free of the City of London and are now able to become Liverymen.
  • Financially, we must continue to build up the Company’s operating fund to grow the Company and meet our day to day running costs.
  • The Company’s charitable arm through active partnerships is providing financial relief to nurses suffering hardship and awarding scholarships and bursaries to support nurses wishing to pursue training and development opportunities. As the Charitable funds grow this support can be extended to more nurses.
  • To demonstrate allegiance to the Sovereign and Monarchy, the Company is in the process of establishing a military affiliation with the Central Reserves Headquarters of the Army Medical Services.
  • The Company has a full programme of informal and formal social events at which hospitality and fellowship is afforded to Freemen, Liverymen, Friends of the Company and to representatives of other Companies.
  • The Company has a thriving Education and Professional Development forum and recently established a coaching and mentoring initiative. Along with volunteer opportunities in school career programmes, these activities aim to communicate and foster awareness of the unique contributions of the nursing profession and its professional standards.
  • Together with the Apothecaries, Barbers, Cutlers and Spectacle Makers Companies, the Worshipful Company of Nurses is a member of the Health Livery Companies Group, whose purpose is to promote wellbeing and offer advice on healthcare issues.
  • The Company maintains the traditions of the City while supporting the Mayoralty. Through the Master, the Company is represented at all major civic events. The Company is also represented on the Pan Livery Steering Group and the Livery Climate Action Group.
  • Freemen and Liverymen are committed to contributing to the Company, not only in terms of giving of their time and energy, but also in supporting the Company’s activities; recruiting more members; and helping to meet the running costs associated with a Livery Company such as ours.
  • The Court is working towards obtaining a Grant of Arms which the Company will be able to bear in perpetuity.

How to be involved

There are several ways in which individual Freemen can assist the Company to develop:

    • Continuing to recruit new Freemen.
    • Giving regularly to our Charitable Trust.
    • Supporting social and education events.
    • Applying to become Free of the City of London.
    • Becoming a Liveryman.
    • Supporting the Company in its coaching and mentoring programme and volunteer work which includes visiting schools to promote nursing as a career.
    • Volunteering to help on one of our standing committees.