Becoming a Livery Company

The very essence of a Livery Company is durability and long-term sustainability with the support of the City of London.  To become a Worshipful Company of Nurses, we must first satisfy the City of London Court of Aldermen that:

  • Our profession is not already represented among the Livery companies.
  • We have no less than 100 members.
  • A significant number of our members are or have been persons engaged in the profession.
  • We are fit and proper people to become a Livery Company and can demonstrate City of London connections.
  • We have sufficient funds to enable us to foster our profession.
  • We have evidence that we can produce beneficial results for our profession.
  • We have the resources and willingness to continue our association indefinitely.

At the same time, we can:

  • Set our own rules, fees and activities.
  • Protect the financial assets of any charitable trust, Nurses' League or other charitable body related to nursing.  These monies will be ring-fenced within the Trust funds of The Company of Nurses and will be safeguarded for their original purpose as regulated by the Charities Commission. This ensures that these resources can never be lost but will always be protected in perpetuity for their original purpose. In this way, together with additional funds raised by The Company of Nurses, it will be possible to continue the support of nurses in need and to contribute to the education and development of nurses in the future.

The Road To Livery                                        

Now we are a Company, the Court will be in a position to consider obtaining a grant of Arms, and to nominate those of our Freemen who wish to apply to the Chamberlain’s Court for the Freedom of the City - a pre-requisite for anyone seeking to become a Liveryman.

The road beyond will become steeper as we seek to achieve our ultimate goal, that of obtaining a grant of Livery. This is attainable within the space of a further four years, however, the Court of Aldermen will first need to be satisfied that we are a body that has permanent roots and the ability to endure in perpetuity. Despite our achievements to date, still, more will need to be done to demonstrate that the membership is committed to making a difference, not only through promoting the nursing profession and upholding its standards, but also in the support it gives to the City Civic, charity and education.

In the year ahead, our Court has much to do in preparing for the next step, and there are several ways in which individual members and Freemen can assist in this respect. Continuing to recruit new members, giving regularly to our Charitable Trust, supporting events, and volunteering to visit schools to promote nursing as a career are all ways in which you can contribute.

What Next?

We want to leave a legacy behind us for all generations of nurses to come, and one that rightly places the nursing profession with the other noble professions who are part of the Livery movement.  We know that there are thousands of nurses who share our aims, want to be part of the future for nursing and would like to be involved. You can be as active and supportive as your time allows. Neither age nor geographical location is a barrier to joining us.