A Thank You – 5 June 2020

The funding I received from the Chantry Robinson award has opened up an exciting opportunity for me in a new role

I attended a conference on homeless health in October 2018 and knew this was to be my vocation.   Whilst on a course in London, I heard of the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from the, then Guild of Nurses, to study the Homeless and Inclusion Health module at University College London.

This funding was included in the Chantry Robinson award.  I was thrilled to be the first nurse receiving this scholarship and completed this wide reaching module, attending UCL on a weekly basis.

I then had confidence to apply for a position as a Homelessness nurse.  To my delight I was successful and took up the post on 20th April 2020 with Change, Grow, Live (CGL), Halton.

I strongly recommend the course to anyone, who is in or thinking of moving into Homeless Health.

My thanks go to the Company of Nurses for giving me this fantastic opportunity, which has led to my move into this field. I am sure attending the Homeless module at UCL, sponsored, very kindly by you, has helped me to gain this position.  Thank you so much!

Sue Grave

The Trustees are very grateful to Sue for her thanks and recognition

Sue has written this just at the time we are supporting two more nurses to attend this course!