A Day Of Ceremony

The Company's first Liverymen installed and new Freemen welcomed

Wednesday 12 July 2023

On Wednesday 12 July 2023, a full day of ceremony and celebration was held for the Worshipful Company of Nurses.

At midday, the Court assembled at Information Technologists' Hall where the Foundation Past Master, Brenda Griffiths installed the Master, Elizabeth Bardolph as the first Liveryman of the Company. The Master then reciprocated by installing the Foundation Past Master, the Wardens and Court Assistants as Liverymen.

At the meeting following, the Court unanimously approved the election of the Honorary Clerk, John Allen, to Honorary Livery status in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Company since June 2017. The Master duly welcomed John as the first Honorary Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Nurses to much applause from those present. In addition, the Court unanimously approved the bestowing of Honorary Freedom of the Worshipful Company to Martin Whitehead, Honorary Beadle in thanks and recognition of his service to the Company.

Before repairing to Guildhall our first mother and daughter were also admitted to the Livery, thus concluding the morning’s ceremonial.

During the afternoon, the Company installed 11 new Freemen of the Company and 18 Bicentennial Freemen as Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of Nurses. Bicentennial Freemen are a group of Freemen who contributed significantly to the Company in the year 2020, the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale's birth when the Guild of Nurses became a Company. The ceremony was followed by a reception where the Master, Wardens, Court Assistants, new Freemen, new Liverymen along with friends, family and guests were able to celebrate this momentous occasion.

The Company extends a very warm welcome to our new Freemen and looks forward to seeing them at future Company events.  Freemen and Liverymen will be able to view photographs from the day's events in the Gallery in the log in section of the website.